Winterize Your Toyota Hybrid in Newnan

November 14th, 2019 by

As Georgia residents prepare for colder than usual temperatures, we’ve received a few questions about how to get your 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid or Toyota Prius ready for winter. The good news is that your hybrid model can handle wintry elements just as well as any other model. Although you may experience a slight drop in fuel efficiency, your economical model is well-equipped to navigate whatever old man winter brings to our area. Here are a few tips from Toyota of Newnan to stay safe during abnormally cold weather.


  1. Clean out your car


The extra weight inside (and outside) of your car causes a drop in fuel economy. So, if you don’t plan on using your roof rack, then consider removing it for the winter months. Take out any excess supplies left over from the summer as well.


  1. Add an emergency kit


Now that you’ve cleaned out your car, it’s time to add an emergency kit. This gives you extra peace of mind when traveling in adverse conditions. Things like jumper cables, extra coolant, flares or reflectors, and a blanket are just a few items to carry during the winter. Build your kit using this emergency kit list.


  1. Inspect your vehicle


Walk around your 2019 Toyota Corolla and examine various components, like your tires, to ensure that everything is winter-ready. You’ll also want to clean off your battery and make sure it has a full charge. Stop into Toyota of Newnan near Fayetteville for a thorough inspection.


Stop into Toyota of Newnan for a service appointment


Our factory-trained technicians know how to winterize your Toyota Prius. Our parts department and on-site service center will ready your hybrid sedan for any temperatures coming our way. If you have any questions about your 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid, then our team is here to answer your questions.

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