Toyota Technology: Full-Speed Ahead

February 27th, 2018 by

Last month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a big hit for Toyota Motor North America. And by “big” we mean both figuratively and literally, since the Toyota brand showcased a wide variety of technologies, concept vehicles, and ideas that will pave the way towards the company’s vision for connected networks, vehicle electrification, and autonomous driving.

One of many standout concepts was the Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride, a fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) that incorporates some seriously advanced ideas in renewable energy and hydrogen power, and stands as the flagship model for a low-carbon society. With hydrogen as its energy source, the Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride can produce a significant amount of electric power without discharging any C02 or any other substances of concern (SoC), for that matter. Cruising range is excellent, and hydrogen refueling takes only three minutes.

Someday, a Toyota Corolla purchased at our local Toyota dealership might be based on the TRI Platform 3.0. TRI stands for Toyota Research Institute, a group of forward-thinkers making big inroads in the field of autonomous driving. By leveraging a wealth of sensors and a cutting-edge LIDAR system, the TRI Platform 3.0 envisions a future Toyota vehicle possessing an impressive sensing range of up to 200 meters (approx. 700 feet), in a 360-degree perimeter. Anything entering this perimeter: pedestrians, animals, other cars – would be brought to the driver’s attention. This sensing range is far beyond what’s currently available in today’s automobiles.

The Toyota Concept-i Series, which debuted at last year’s CES show, returned with a few more tricks up its sleeve, including a walking-area mobility vehicle and a universal small mobility vehicle. Contact our local Toyota dealers today to learn more about this impressive AI initiative, and to test drive a dynamic new or pre-owned Toyota Camry!

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