Toyota Camry Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

October 27th, 2017 by

Do you drive a Totoya Camry from Toyota of Newnan? If so, it’s time you learn a little about the dashboard warning lights that could activate while driving. It’s important to note that most of these lights are just that, a warning, but there are some that need to be taken more seriously than others. This means that you should seek service at our dealership immediately.


If the light with the battery on it activates, you likely have a charge issue with the battery. Either the battery is dead, it has a low charge, or there is an issue with the alternator. You will probably encounter some sort of starting issues if you don’t get the battery issue resolved.

Air Bag

If you see a light with a person sitting down with a seat belt and a bag in front of them, you likely have an issue with the airbag system in your Toyota Camry. You will want our experienced service team to investigate this as soon as possible so you and your passenger are protected in the event of an accident.


If the oil light comes on, it’s time to get an oil change. This light features an oil can with a drop of oil coming from the spout. You should never wait too long to get an oil change because fresh oil keeps your engine properly lubricated. Proper lubrication ensures that all of the belts and other parts work properly and do not break when the vehicle is being operated.

Seat Belt

The seat belt light is one of the only lights that will activate as soon as you start the car and not deactivate until you put your seatbelt on. A beeping sound will also accompany the light.

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