Protect Your Vehicle From the Cold at Toyota of Newnan

November 27th, 2018 by

As the temperature drops and we pull out our cold weather gear, it’s crucial to make sure your car is running in peak condition. With lows in the 30s to 40s during the winter, cars in the Newnan area still need winter protection. An adequately serviced car will start all winter long which means no worries about being late or stranded somewhere due to a dead battery. Our expert technicians at Toyota of Newnan will examine your vehicle and make sure it’s ready for holiday travel. If you’re searching for car service and car dealerships in Newnan, GA then stop by our Toyota service department.

Battery: Over time batteries wear out. Toyota experts recommend replacement if your battery is nearing five years old. However, freezing temps do a number on batteries and even batteries in good condition struggle. That’s why our Georgia Toyota service teams check the bolt, cleans off any corrosion, and can also fill the fluid if necessary.

Coolant: We often think of coolant as what keeps our car from overheating. However, it’s equally important during the winter months, as coolant keeps our car from freezing. Our Toyota service department can check all your fluid levels and condition.

Wiper blades: Snow, ice, and winter elements break down the rubber on the wiper blades making it crucial to replace them for safe driving.

Tires: As temperatures drop, so does air pressure in tires. And underinflated tires cause multiple problems, so tires should be prioritized in cold climates.

You’ll find that Toyota of Newnan stands out among car dealerships in Newnan, GA with impeccable service and attention to detail. We understand the seasonal changes that require special care on Toyota cars. Give our Toyota service department at Toyota of Newnan a call today and set a time for your vehicle to be serviced.

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