Our Dealers Debunk the Most Common Car-Buying Myths

September 21st, 2018 by

Let’s face it, buying a new car can be a stressful process. For many drivers, the stress level is accentuated by a number of persistent and untrue myths related to car buying. Here at our Toyota dealership serving LaGrange, GA, we try to make the car buying process as simple and as stress-free as humanly possible. As a first step, our dealers would like to debunk some of these common car-buying myths in order to ensure a smooth buying experience. 

Paying cash will get you a better price

In some areas, it’s certainly true that cash is king, but that decidedly isn’t the case when it comes to buying a car, whether that’s a Toyota Tacoma or a Toyota Prius. The reason for this is because the dealership has no financial incentive to offer cash-only incentives, as it gets most of its take from financing. Instead of paying cash, choose the financing package that makes the most sense for you personally.

It’s best to buy a car at the end of the month

This myth began because some dealerships get manufacturer incentives for meeting certain monthly quotas. If they haven’t reached those by the end of the month, the logic goes, they will offer deals in order to meet them. However, even if in the rare case that you do get a deal, you might not get the color or the option package that you want.

You should wait until the last minute to mention your trade-in

This trick is so tried-and-true that dealerships call it “parachuting the trade.” Instead of netting you a better deal, it can add hours to the amount of time that you spend at the dealership because the entire trade-in evaluation won’t start until the deal is negotiated.

To learn about more false car-buying myths and to get behind the wheel of a new Toyota car, head over to Toyota of Newnan today.

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