National Car Care Month at Toyota of Newnan

April 4th, 2019 by

It’s National Car Care Month, which means it’s a great time to gauge your Toyota vehicle’s overall health and condition. For example, if your steering wheel vibrates, it may be time for an alignment. If you notice increased fuel consumption, an oil change or tire rotation may be due. If you want your vehicle to run reliably, give our team at Toyota of Newnan a call.

Alignment: A common complaint of drivers is that they can feel every bump in the road. Others say their steering wheel vibrates or drives crooked instead of straight. These are telltale signs that your suspensions need adjusting. If left unfixed, you could find yourself replacing all your tires due to uneven wear. We’ll examine your ball joints, track rods, and steering. If we notice any problems with the condition, we’ll suggest the next steps for optimal performance.

Brakes: Your brakes perform the most critical duty for your vehicle, which is why it’s essential that you pay attention to the signs that your brakes may need servicing or replacing. If you need to press further down on the pedal, notice a weird smell while braking, or hear a grinding noise, contact us for further guidance.

Coolant: This workhouse keeps your engine at a safe temperature regardless of road or weather conditions. Consequentially, if the coolant system fails, you’ll have even greater troubles with your engine. Keep your radiator, fan, water pump, and hoses in excellent shape with regular maintenance.

Toyota of Newnan offers onsite assistance for all your car repair and replacement needs. Use National Car Care Month to treat your car, and your pocketbook, well by preventing future problems. Give our car dealership in Newnan, GA a call and schedule your service today.

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