Hybrid vs. Electric Cars: Which is Best for You?

July 5th, 2022 by

2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

When you’re thinking of switching from your traditional gas-powered car to a new hybrid or electric vehicle, how do you know which is a better fit for your Newnan needs? Toyota of Newnan can help. Here we compare hybrid vs. electric so you can make a wise decision and contact us with any questions.



Hybrid Vehicles: What are the Benefits?

Hybrid cars are an excellent option for those Peachtree City drivers who are a little nervous about making the complete switch from gas to electric. With a hybrid, you’ll appreciate serious fuel savings without needing to change your driving habits. Other benefits of hybrid vs. electric vehicles include:

  • You can still fuel up at any gas station like normal
  • The battery self-charges 
  • Hybrids can be more affordable than EVs

If you have a long commute around Fayetteville or want the freedom to go on weekend road trips without being concerned about running out of power, a hybrid car is for you!! You can stop at any Lagrange gas station and fuel up quickly, as usual. 

Electric Vehicles: What are the Benefits?

Electric vehicles don’t use any gas and therefore provide significant savings! Plus, there are many environmental benefits to driving an EV. If you like improving fuel efficiency while decreasing your carbon footprint, an EV may be the best choice. Advantages of driving an EV include:

  • Quieter ride because of no engine noise
  • No need to spend money on gas 
  • Nearly zero tailpipe emissions
  • Fewer maintenance costs because there is are no oil changes or combustion engine
  • Flexible charging options, such as home and public options
  • Potential EV tax incentives depending on your location 

If your daily driving is primarily quick trips around Newnan, why not choose an EV as your next car? Check out the Toyota Prius and Toyota Tundra Hybrid, or browse our used EV inventory.

Explore Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars at Toyota of Newnan

Whatever you decide, from a hybrid to an electric vehicle or even a traditional gas-powered Toyota, we can help. You can browse our inventory online and apply for financing without leaving your home. Contact us to learn about your financing options and take a test drive in a new Toyota today! 


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