How Often Does Your Toyota Avalon Near Peachtree City Need an Oil Change?

January 14th, 2020 by

No matter what kind of gas-powered vehicle you have, oil changes are part of your routine maintenance. The Toyota Avalon near Peachtree City is no exception. When you buy a new car, it’s essential to understand what that model needs and when so you can avoid creating significant problems for yourself in the future. Our team at Toyota of Newnan helps you take care of your pre-owned Toyota.

When is the best time to change my oil?

There’s no single answer for every vehicle when it comes to how often you should change your oil. For the Toyota Avalon, every 5,000 miles is the ideal marker when you use synthetic oil.

Regular oil changes are one of the best ways to keep your full-size sedan functioning at its best for as long as possible. While your vehicle’s manual will give you more details on when to change your oil, there are other signs you don’t want to see that could also indicate that it’s time to service your car.

If your oil light comes on, that’s a sign to change your oil. But before you do, make sure you check to make sure it’s not too low. Low oil means your engine isn’t being properly lubricated, which leads to friction and overheating, and if left unchecked, your engine may fail.

Other signs that indicate your pre-owned Toyota needs an oil change include:

  • Knocking or rumbling under the hood
  • Smoke from the exhaust
  • Burning oil smell
  • Dirty, dark oil on the dipstick

If you see any of these signs or your car is due for an oil change, bring it to us at Toyota of Newnan near Peachtree City. Our expert service technicians will give your Toyota Avalon the attention it needs and provide any other routine maintenance, including tire rotation, disc brake checks, and more.

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