Explore Your Lease-End Options

November 14th, 2018 by

As you near the end of your lease, then you may wonder what steps you should take to ensure a good experience.  Regardless of your car model, you’ll find car dealerships in Newnan, GA that offer a variety of lease-end deals. At Toyota of Newnan near LaGrange, GA our sales teams aims to help you improve your lease-end experience by exploring your options, inspecting your car, and assisting you in making your final decision.


90-days before lease-end


Before you contract ends, you’ll want to review your options. You may want to lease a new Toyota Prius in Newnan, GA or perhaps you wish to purchase your current vehicle. If you’re considering leasing a new Toyota, then explore your options online then schedule a test drive at car dealerships near LaGrange, GA.


30-60 days


Examine the interior and exterior components of your car for excess wear and tear. If you’ve purchased lease-protection insurance, then go over the limitations. You’ll want to look carefully for dents, rips in upholstery, and worn tire treads. Give our Newnan, GA Toyota dealership a call to schedule an inspection for your leased vehicle.


30-days before lease-end


As you count down the days until your contract ends, make your final car buying or leasing decisions. Talk to our Toyota financial center about leasing or purchasing a new Toyota Prius in Newnan, GA. Our sales team will explore lease-end and purchasing offers available for you.


Use the last three months of your lease to tie up all your loose ends. That way you can breeze through the lease-end process. When you’re ready to schedule a test drive for a Toyota Prius or talk to our financial center about your options, then give us a call at 770-502-1333.

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