Dim Headlights & Other Weak Car Battery Symptoms!

February 4th, 2022 by

Dim Headlights & Other Weak Car Battery Symptoms!

It’s easy as pie to state the obvious: the car has a problem going ‘vroom vroom’. What isn’t easy is finding out what is wrong with the car.

For starters, if your car isn’t starting, then it’s either the battery, the alternator, or the starter motor (it is actually called that!). You can search online or even get on board the DIY battery maintenance trend, but once a battery goes bad, it’s never coming back.

Toyota of Newnan, serving Luthersville, GA, is right on your case regarding naughty batteries. Below are some of the signs you will certainly see as symptomatic to a drained or aged battery.

For our first one, please try not to breathe nor associate it with a diet of beans!

Smells Like Rotten Eggs

You don’t need to unscrew the battery cap for this because the rancid scent of battery sulfation is eye-watering. Sulfation occurs when your battery has been driven to a low charge one too many times.

While there are complicated ways to save a sulfated battery, its efficiency & charge capacity will diminish. That’s a prime sign of a bad battery, and it means you have to just give the battery over to the chemical disposal squad & exit!

Bulging Casing

If your engine has had overheating problems, or you live in a region with brutal summers, that can really mold your battery to strange shapes. Bulging is one such issue, and since the battery is a contained unit, it can suffer from leakage or a possible breach.

It’s not something fixable by duct tape, so if you had let the battery go so long without maintenance, you have to bear with the consequences and dispose of the bulging battery. Our auto shop will help you recycle the bulging bits.

Corroded Battery Terminals

Okay, this does have to do with sulfur (minus the stink) and its sulfate crystals that get deposited on the battery terminals. The deposits can mess around with conductivity, so you just need to remove the battery and use steel wool to scrub the terminals.

Just don’t short the battery accidentally!

Cranky Ignition

It’s okay to become attuned to the sounds of your car because that means you can discern if any sound is out of the blue. You will notice a delayed start or a strange spluttering that may signal a weak battery when you start the car.

The problem could also be with the alternator or starter motor, so it’s best to get the car started and be off to the mechanic.

If the car doesn’t start, you may opt for assistance because repeated attempts or a long self can flood the engine, further hindering the start process.

If you face any such problems where a battery looks like something out of Tales from the Crypt, it’s wise to ditch the DIY attempts and roll into Toyota of Newnan, serving Luthersville, GA, for full battery service & replacement.

Don’t worry, armed as we are with service specials & parts, if anything else turns out faulty, we’ll fix it!

Give us a call and have your battery, plus car electricals, checked today!

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