Best Accessories for Your Toyota 4Runner

March 4th, 2020 by

We’ve been your trusted, local Toyota dealers long enough to know that you have plenty of car dealerships in Newnan, GA to choose from. That’s why we work to make Toyota of Newnan stand out from the pack.

One way we distinguish our Toyota dealers from competitors is by helping drivers find the Toyota accessories that will work best on their respective Toyota cars, like the new Toyota 4Runner, given their needs and lifestyles. Here are some of the most common Toyota 4Runner accessories.

Trailer Ball

Do you plan to tow things often for work or recreation? If so, adding a trailer ball to your Toyota 4Runner is an absolute must. Even if you simply want the option of being able to tow something like a camper or a boat, a trailer ball is a must-have accessory for your SUV.

High Performance LED Fog Lights

Nighttime driving can be tricky in any type of vehicle, but it doesn’t have to be when you install a set of high performance LED fog lights in your Toyota 4Runner. These special lights are designed to resist UV rays that can cause clouding and are constructed with wider view angles, so you can enjoy increased visibility during inclement weather.

Universal Tablet Holder

Prepare to trump your carpooling competition with some handy tablet holders that you can install on the back of your driver’s and front passenger seats. These holders are easily adjustable and can hold a wide variety of devices, from your tablet to your phone. Visit our Newnan, GA Toyota service center to have it installed in seconds.

TRD Front Skid Plate

Outfit your Toyota 4Runner with a damage-resistant skid plate that can protect your car’s underbody from off-road hazards. Whether you’re cruising over rocks, large branches, ice, or other types of road debris, you can count on these 1/4-inch-thick aluminum skid plates to keep you safe on the road.

To order accessories for your Toyota 4Runner, visit our Toyota parts department near Atlanta, GA.

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