What Is the Lifetime Warranty?

February 4th, 2019 by

At Toyota of Newnan, we’ve found that many car shoppers tend to be wary of buying a used car. After all, you need a reliable mode of transportation that performs at it’s best regardless of how many years you keep it. To ensure the quality and dependability of our pre-owned models, we proudly offer our exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

How Does a Toyota Qualify?

Any vehicle that is five years old or newer with less than 80,000 miles qualifies for this warranty. As it’s name implies, the Lifetime Warranty is active for unlimited time and unlimited miles, ensuring your peace of mind at all times.

What Is Covered Under Warranty?

When you opt for our Lifetime Warranty, the following is covered.

  • Engine. From gears and gaskets to your water and fuel pump, the limited powertrain warranty keeps your engine worries at bay
  • Transmission & Transaxle. That pesky engine control computer and various seals and gaskets run into issues with age, which is why our warranty has you covered
  • Front and rear wheel systems. Whether it’s a drive shaft or bearing, the lifetime warranty makes sure you can address these problems immediately

For full details, contact one of our Toyota dealers serving Atlanta, GA. If you ever encounter a problem with one of the above systems, you can stop into any dealership across the United States and Canada for repair. Is there a catch? No, this isn’t a gimmick. Your only requirement is to keep up with your regular maintenance, which Toyota of Newnan makes easy by keeping you on schedule. Get in touch with our Toyota service center to learn more about how you can keep your vehicle in optimal shape!