Why is Car Coolant Important?

October 11th, 2018 by

No car owner wants to see steam coming from under their hood. Even worse is finding out that the trouble could have been prevented by a simple fluid check. That’s why car owners who are searching for car dealerships near LaGrange, GA appreciate the experts at Toyota of Newnan. Our friendly technicians and sales team can explain the easy procedures for checking fluids in your car. Plus, you can quickly schedule maintenance on your pre-owned Toyota near LaGrange, GA online or with a phone call. Ensure your Toyota doesn’t run out of steam, or should we say doesn’t start steaming, by checking your coolant and keeping the fluid levels in the correct range.

A lack of coolant (also known as antifreeze) causes the radiator to overheat. The radiator helps maintain your engine temperature, so a lack of coolant damages your engine as well. Avoid costly repair expenses by inspecting your coolant for quality and quantity on a regular basis.

Antifreeze varies by color. Coolant may be green, yellow, red, or blue. Regardless of the color, you know your antifreeze is working well if it’s the same color that you bought. If you purchased green antifreeze and now it’s lost its color, or you notice debris floating in it, then it’s time for a coolant flush.

If you own a pre-owned Toyota near LaGrange, GA then bring in your vehicle so we can check it out. Our trained technicians will not only check all of your fluids, including your power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine oil, and transmission fluid, but also double check your vehicle for leaks. We inspect the connecting hoses and your belts to ensure that you’ll be safe on the road. With many car dealerships near LaGrange, IL, Toyota of Newnan offers convenient hours and scheduling for all your maintenance and service needs.

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