6 Things To Do Before You Decide On Hiring An Auto Mechanic

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6 Things To Do Before You Decide On Hiring An Auto Mechanic

Any car dealership, preferably an authorized one, is only as good as its auto mechanics. The actual issue lies in the fact that some auto mechanics do abuse their privilege and scam car owners out of a good car part & performance, thinking they won’t get caught.

There are ways to evaluate whether the auto shop you are choosing has the right kind of mechanics or not. Independent auto shops aren’t a bad idea, but they are often too pricey & lack the equipment native to a dealership auto shop. So, let’s begin with research, and find you a good mechanic, shall we?

#1: Auto Dealership Reputation?

Look up the dealership reviews online. You will find that AAA-certified dealerships often show great customer reviews, so don’t miss them. There are also private car buying forums where reviews can’t influence the ratings, and you get an impartial opinion on the dealership’s repo. It’s a guarantee their mechanics will be as good!

#2: Certified Mechanics?

If you can, find out whether the mechanics are ASE certified. It counts as a big deal because these mechanics are not apprentices; they are trained professionals with two-year training & recertification every 5-years. Some are manufacturer-certified experts for unique makes too. Essentially, your car will be in great hands!

#3: Certified Auto Shop?

For more peace of mind, you can look for an Approved Auto Repair sign (AAR) to ensure the dealership is certified in providing quality repair facilities & mechanics. These auto shops are monitored for customer excellence & financial operations by both AAA & BBB. 

#4: The Local Transports’ Favorite?

What kind of a business relies on seamless shared mobility of their vehicles to generate revenue? It’s an easy guess; taxi, ride-sharing fleets, & buses. You can find out where these fleets go for services, and indeed the auto shop will be happy to assist you. 

#5: Age of Auto Shop?

Auto repair setups that have been around for a while tend to have favorable reviews. Independent auto shops have to be operational for a long time to exhibit good service. Be sure to inquire about their years of operation.

#6: Quality of Minor Service?

Try an oil check or a tire rotation; note how the mechanics handle your car. If additional maintenance is suggested, respond you’ll get a second opinion to get a reaction. See how forthcoming they are about servicing, parts & warranty. The friendlier, the merrier!


And, thus, you have found a reliable mechanic to hire the services of! 


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