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Thank you for inquiring about a charitable donation for your organization from Toyota of Newnan. Please understand that we believe all causes are worthy and would like to contribute to them all, but we receive hundreds of requests every year making it impossible to contribute to them all. Please follow the instructions below when requesting a donation.

* The request must be received in a timely fashion prior to the event. A minimum of 30 days is necessary for a response. It needs to be submitted in writing, on event/organization letterhead.
* Toyota of Newnan will only consider contributions to not-for-profit organizations in the immediate area. A form 5013c may be requested
* We will only be able to honor one request per year; per organization.
* The donation has to be benefiting more than one family or individual.
* The request must be made every year. One year's commitments will not automatically roll into the next year.

Information to be included:

The name of event/organization requesting contribution.

The contact person's name, address, phone number and email address.

The date, description and location of event.

Are their any other automobile dealership sponsors?

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with the information requested. We will make every attempt to respond to the request as quickly as possible.

Toyota of Newnan